Feeling stuck? Trapped? The same issues arising over and over? Looking to grow?


Hello and welcome to A New Course Life Coaching, Hypnosis & NLP! My name is Keith Sudano and I am a Life Coach, Teacher & Trainer. I love assisting others in moving from where they are to where they could be. I offer a few pathways for this to occur.


Keith Sudano is a:

  • Personal Life Coach with over 20 years professional experience (Motivation/Direction, Unblocking your mind/future)
  • Experienced Professional Spiritual/Life Coaching Teacher
  • Motivational/Seminar speaker and Facilitator
  • Experienced Business consultant
  • Professional Certified Hypnotist Specializing in all forms of hypnosis (Dynamic/Interactive/Suggestive)
  • Master practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

My version of Life Coaching/Teaching  helps people with a whole new way of seeing the thoughts behind their problems. It is a direction of transforming those thoughts and thereby changing their reactions, and in almost all cases, the problems themselves. Have you ever had conflict in your relationships? Attempted the geographic cure? Have you tried unsuccessfully to change others? Have you had thoughts like: “Why Is This Happening To Me . . . AGAIN?! Why are they doing this to me… again?! Why am I doing this to myself… again?! Why can’t life just cooperate?!” “There is an old saying that the brave die once, the coward a thousand times. When you are fortified with actual tools to face and heal whatever is hidden, trauma and pain are dismantled and removed from life. As you do this work, you will find your enjoyment of life, your sense of well-being and your aliveness increase in proportion to the amount of Forgiveness you do. In the past , if life was lived without tools, most found that facing an old trauma meant reinforcing it and being powerless to change. The True Forgiveness process changes all of that. Shift happens!! The issues of life can be faced and healed.” Pain is the reflection of stored destructive energies. When people deny and restrict access to pain , the only thing they have accomplished is keeping it out of direct sight. Hidden or anesthetized pain is not removed from experience through denial or drugs. It is felt as the aches and pains of so called ‘aging,’ the twinge of emotional upset that floats in and out of our experience, the irrational outbreaks that destroy relationships , the ‘accidents’ that occur, headaches and body aches, degenerative dis-eases and the thousand irritations that subtract from the possible quality of life.”

I will meet with you, the owner, President, CEO or manager and delve into what your business is about and what your goals are. Keith possesses years of experience in assisting many businesses to turn around internal problems such as employee conflict, theft and lack of motivation. As well as problems from the top down in the management structure. I have an uncanny ability to step into your business and see what the problems are and implement solutions to those problems. I confer directly with owners of businesses on how to approach these solutions to the owners satisfaction.

The ability to reprogram emotional attitudes and reactions is a latent talent within every human being. Hypnosis & NLP is the most functional and reasonable way way to train lifelong attitudes, rather than suffer a lifetime of emotional accidents the conscious mind is unable to change. Now an example from Roy Hunters book, “The Art Of Hypnosis” which I felt was simple and brilliant precisely because of that. Although in my own words, these are his insights. Imagine yourself at a movie, one that you are totally engrossed in and is perhaps sad and you shed some tears (I believe almost all of us have done this at some time). You are viewing this UNREAL movie, yet you are shedding very real tears. When you are viewing this movie, you are in hypnosis. You no longer hear the scraping of straws or the chatter of the crowd in the theater, all you hear and see and “feel” is this movie. Your subconscious mind cares not for the details of logic and what is real and what is not and the fact that E.T. was just a 6 million dollar puppet…it believes the movie is real so it cries. Yet, you could have emerged from this movie at any time if a crisis were to occur, say…a fire or some type of emergency. Also, you reached for your popcorn and shifted in your chair at times and still managed to pay close attention to the film. When the word “hypnosis” is mentioned in everyday conversation, it seems to stir many varied reactions in people. These responses range from disbelief to terror or even laughter. On the other hand, some people believe that hypnosis can work miracles. All these reactions stem from ideas and information that are untrue.

Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology ® Neuro Linguistic Programming is a technique to determine (Neuro) thinking patterns of a person by analyzing the (linguistic) actions of eye movement, breathing, inflection, rates and other body language regarding illness, disease, incongruency or dysfunction. “Programming” refers to the already contained unconscious programming people already maintain. Altering unconscious negative, harmful beliefs about healing and illness are utilized. Primarily this is accomplished through visual techniques or “intervention.” Therapeutically, NLP has been used in work with phobias, learning disabilities, addictive behavior, as well as the development of more desirable, constructive behavioral patterns and elements. This is the end of the Introduction to NLP. What you have just read is very incomplete but hopefully gives you a taste of what NLP is. We strongly recommend you continue your investigation of how NLP can enhance all aspects of your life from improving your relationships with loved ones, learning to teach effectively, gaining a stronger sense of self esteem, greater motivation, better understanding of communication, enhancing your business or career, and an enormous amount of other things that involve the use of your brain.