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Keith M Sudano
748-C Saint Andrews Blvd
Charleston, SC 29407-7189



Personal & Couples Life Coaching
Personal & Professional Enhancement

Keith M. Sudano, CLC, A.C.H, NLP

"Before my sessions my health was failing, my fears were tremendous and I really didn't know who I was or where I wanted to go, I was lost.
...Now I can honestly say that I am happy.  I know what I want in life and I know that I will achieve it.  I am very confident about who I am.  Keith gave me my life back. I am an artist and for the first time in my life I truly know this.  I couldn't even put a paint brush on paper before this.  I owe my life to this man..."

* Debbie E

Addendum to the above: Debbie was not given her life back by me, that is already hers.  I just showed her some doorways she missed.  (Keith Sudano)

Feeling stuck?
The same issues arising over and over?
Looking to grow?

Have you ever had conflict in your relationships? Attempted the geographic cure? Have you tried unsuccessfully to change others? Have you had thoughts like: “Why Is This Happening To Me . . . AGAIN?! Why are they doing this to me… again?! Why am I doing this to myself… again?! Why can't life just cooperate?!”

Believe it or not these questions are a good thing! "Awakening," Something we are all destined to accomplish, eventually. "True Wisdom comes through pain but it need not be. "

When I, a skeptic by nature began researching the world of spirituality & esoteric study, I wasn't surprised to find that this study was more a battleground of belief systems than an actual study. What did surprise me was that amidst a myriad of Self help concepts and Esoteric principles there were some powerful teachers (Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tsu, etc...) and most surprising of all there were long awaited answers.  

"There is an old saying that the brave die once, the coward a thousand times. When you are fortified with actual tools to face and heal whatever is hidden, trauma and pain are dismantled and removed from life. As you do this work, you will find your enjoyment of life, your sense of well-being and your aliveness increase in proportion to the amount of Forgiveness you do. In the past , if life was lived without tools, most found that facing an old trauma meant reinforcing it and being powerless to change. The True Forgiveness process changes all of that. Shift happens!! The issues of life can be faced and healed." (Dr. Michael Ryce)

 In the end all the answers are within you, you are meant to "wake up."  This task sounds easier than it actually is.  With the minds way of obscuring our direction and the answers that we seek it is a struggle. Not a struggle to attain anything, but to lose the blinders which block our knowledge of "what is." 

This is the cause of all our difficulties, this is what you came here for and what your higher self's deepest desire is. There is no "tomorrow" where things will get better, there is only the now, and now is where your journey begins. 

Pain is the reflection of stored destructive energies. When people deny and restrict access to pain , the only thing they have accomplished is keeping it out of direct sight. Hidden or anesthetized pain is not removed from experience through denial or drugs. It is felt as the aches and pains of so called 'aging,' the twinge of emotional upset that floats in and out of our experience, the irrational outbreaks that destroy relationships , the 'accidents' that occur, headaches and body aches, degenerative dis-eases and the thousand irritations that subtract from the possible quality of life."


Using a unique, no BS form of real world Spirituality & Mind Awareness coupled with Science, Professional Life Coach & Spiritual Teacher Keith Sudano has helped hundreds of people to cross those barriers and help them overcome the obstacles which seem so formidable. With a special brand of Straightforward Teaching and a toolbag filled with Interdynamic hypnosis and NLP, Transpersonal exploration, intuition and many years of experience with all types of personalities, cultures, religions, ages, genders and ethnic/social backgrounds; Keith has formed a truly interactive program for awareness of the soul, the higher self. 


Incorporating & exercising principles from spiritual teachers, Counselors and Life Coaches (with a few book examples) such as:

and many more...

, Keith brings a Life changing experience to everyone who walks into his office. Each program is tailored entirely to the individual. 

But where does that word come from? "In," Divide"," "Dual?"
Individual...we have seemingly split ourselves...and so the story begins...

Forgiveness: (Aramaic: Shbag) "To Cancel"

Out of town?
Skype & Telephone sessions available

Keith Sudano is a:

  • Professional Experienced Personal Life Coach (Motivation/Direction, Unblocking your mind/future & the love within)

  • Experienced Professional Spiritual Teacher

  • Professional Certified Hypnotist Specializing in all forms of hypnosis (Dynamic/Interactive/Suggestive)

  • Master practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming

"One does not have to be "broken" to grow, awakening IS the most important thing you will EVER do. It is where we all are going..."

This commitment below was written by Dr. Michael Ryce, who is a brilliant teacher and communicator.  I did not write this but I follow it with all I have. It is MY commitment to you.

My Commitment
l promise to TRUST you enough to tell you the Truth and be true to you. I commit to always be sweetness in your life, to nurture you daily and treat you LOVlNGLY, Gently and with Respect in my thoughts, words and actions, whether in your presence or not.

ln every interaction l commit to affection for you, to look for and acknowledge the highest and best in you and surrender to LOVE, our true nature. My connection to my Source, my relationship with you and our Serenity will always be more important than any issue. l open my heart to embrace you in my Love, l open my heart to be embraced in your Love.

lf anything unlike LOVE comes up, l will hold us in my heart and listen as l learn to speak, experience and be RESPONSE-ABLE for my own realities. l am here for and with you. l promise to keep communication open and keep LOVE conscious, active and present AS WE HEAL, CELEBRATE LlFE and GROW TOGETHER!

Bookmarks, Parchment Copy, 5 x 7 Greeting Card or 8 x 10 Poster: 1.00 each, or any combination 7 for 5.00, 15 for 10.00. Please send a POSTAL money order to: dr. michael ryce, C/O Rt 3 Box 3280, Theodosia, Missouri 65761 (417) 273-4838 www.whyagain.com ®1986, 1994, 1998 Send large SASE for a free copy if 1.00 is a hardship


"Every Exit is an Entrance into somewhere..."
"This is the most important thing anyone can ever do for themselves...period"

Keith Sudano (WTMA Radio AM 1250)


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