Welcome to A New Course Life Coaching, Hypnosis & NLP
Keith Sudano is passionate about assisting others to find a new course to their potential
through Life coaching, Personal discovery/development, Hypnosis & NLP.

Do you feel stuck and down about life? Are you uncertain how to move forward and make your life and/or relationship happy and meaningful? Are you dealing with the end of a relationship, or a potential break-up? Whether your concerns are related to inadequacy, fear, jealousy, anger, or a general lack of motivation – I can help! I can help you understand the true source of these problems, give you tools to overcome them, and encourage you to set and achieve goals that put the past where it belongs – behind you.

Within you is the engine that drives your life. You have considered that you might be on the wrong road. Maybe it’s your job, your relationship, or yourself; more importantly, it may be how you see your job, your partner, or yourself. In life coaching sessions we challenge you to look within yourself and to see your life as it really is rather than how it feels. You will be encouraged to assess both your shortcomings and your strengths. As you acknowledge those two aspects, you will find yourself more grounded in reality and better able to cope with difficulties in your career, relationships, or work life. From this new perspective, you are able to effectively set goals, and take action to make them reality.